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In the cfRegex documentation, reference is made to various data types whch do not exist in CFML, but which are useful to indicate what values are supported beyond simple "string" and "numeric". This page explains what they are.

Currently, these types are informational only - the code does not enforce correct values yet. Using an invalid value may be ignored, or may result in unknown behaviour.

Char Position

A character position is a numeric that accepts a positive integer, starting at 1 and ending at string length + 1.


An enum is a string that accepts a limited set of values, as listed in parentheses afterwards - that is enum (a,b,c) means only "a" or "b" or "c" is valid.


A RegexString is a string that is a valid regex pattern.


A StringList is a string containing a comma-delimited list of values.


A variable name is a string containing a valid CFML variable name.