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How to install cfPassphrase varies between CFML engines. The latest download packages for each CFML engine can be found on the project's homepage. Once you have installed cfPassphrase, see Usage section for details on how to use it.

With Lucee and OpenBD a single file can be placed in the relevant directory - this is the same process as for any other extension/plugin, but please briefly check the relevant notes for additional information.

For simplicity the filenames are referred to here without a version - i.e. as cfpassphrase.jar - but the actual filenames do include versions, (e.g. cfpassphrase-v0.1.jar). It is not necessary to rename the JAR file (though you can if you prefer).

When upgrading, any previous JAR files should be removed or disabled to prevent conflicts.


Adobe ColdFusion does not provide an extension API, so it is not possible to provide the built-in functions, but it is possible to make custom tags act as built-in tags, and to provide a global component (with CF9 and above) for use in cfscript.

  1. Put cfpassphrase.jar in {cfusion}/lib directory.
  2. Put passphrase.cfc in {cfusion}/CustomTag directory to enable the global component.
  3. Put passphrase.cfm in {cfusion}/wwwroot/WEB-INF/cftags directory to enable the tag.
  4. Restart the server.


  1. Put cfpassphrase.jar in {openbd}/webapps/openbd/WEB-INF/lib directory.
  2. Rename the file to openbdplugin-cfpassphrase.jar
  3. Restart the server.

Lucee Extension Bundle

  1. Upload cfpassphrase.lex via the "Applications" section in Lucee Administrator, or place it in {lucee-server}/deploy directory and wait for Lucee to deploy it.

Lucee / Railo

  1. Put cfpassphrase.jar in {railo-lib} directory.
  2. Put cfpassphrase.fld in {railo-server}/context/library/fld directory to enable functions.
  3. Put cfpassphrase.tld in {railo-server}/context/library/tld directory to enable the tag.
  4. Restart the server.

Coldbox Plugin

The cfPassphrase JAR can be used in the Coldbox Framework, where it works the same way on all CFML engines. It does not need separate installation, and will not conflict if you do have it installed. See the Coldbox Plugin page for details on using it.

  1. Put cfpassphrase.jar in your javaloader lib directory. If you do not have one, you can create a lib directory in the application root.
  2. Configure the setting javaloader_libpath to point to the lib directory. This setting is defined in the config file (which defaults to conf/Coldbox.cfc).
  3. Put Passphrase.cfc in your plugins directory - again, this defaults to being in the application root, but can be re-configured in the config file.
  4. Perform an fwreinit to pick-up the new config.