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Lucee on Jetty is a project to provide a Lucee package that is easy to use and provides a fully functional & capable web server, with extensive documentation on how everything has been done, so it can be understood and adapted as needed.

This documentation aims to be a compehensive guide to Lucee on Jetty, please raise an issue if you find any bugs/errors/omissions, or have any questions.

Understanding Terms

There is a Glossary which attempts to explain any technical terms used by Lucee and/or Jetty.

Other Documentation

This documentation covers topics relevant to Lucee on Jetty, and will generally provide links to pertinent pages in the respective docs for Jetty or Lucee that may cover a subject in more detail.

The documentation homepages for these are:

A Note on Jetty Documentation

Jetty is very flexible software with multiple ways to achieve the same tasks, and different methods of configuration. This is due to the multitude of use cases Jetty has (including embedded within applications), and the abundance of choice can be reflected in its docs, with some pages containing multiple examples of different methods for doing the same thing, sometimes without it being clear which option is the best.

To confirm how Lucee on Jetty works, or for clarification of what something means or how to achieve something, feel free to raise an issue.

Starting the Server

Running Lucee on Jetty is as easy as unzipping and running a start-server script.

Pressing Ctrl-C will shutdown the server.

There are sample service scripts for Linux-based OSes provided by Jetty in jetty-home/bin/ directory.


The HTTP server listens on port 8080 and the default context responds to localhost or

Browsing to http://localhost:8080 will run lucee-base/webapps/ROOT/index.cfm

The port can be changed in lucee-base/start.ini - changing it requires a Jetty restart.

The default context is configured in lucee-base/webapps/ROOT.xml - this file also allows virtual host aliases to be configured.

The default index.cfm contains links to Lucee Admins, which are available at http://localhost:8080/lucee/admin/server.cfm and http://localhost:8080/lucee/admin/web.cfm

Lucee non-default configuration

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